Friday, January 16, 2009

Say no to cash cows

Wallets are pretty boring. They're a bit of a right-wing extremist conservative accessory - they only come in brown or black, they're safe, made of leather, and obsessed with money. And why should a cow die just so you can have somewhere to put your money when you go to the shop to buy its rump again for dinner? But what is the alternative?

VINYL! Vinyl wallets featuring unique designs by artists from all over Australia! This is the answer, this is the future of wallets. How much better would you feel whipping out a piece of art to buy that rump steak at Woolies? Poketo wallets look like leather, feel like leather, and the best thing about it is you are supporting budding Australian artists.

You can purchase Poketo artist wallets from just $30 at

Totally wasted.

Most of us have good intentions to recycle and minimise waste, but sometimes you just don't know where to dispose of your old pharmacy medicines or drums of hazardous chemicals.

Thankfully the The Brisbane City Council has heard our frustrated sighs and has been proactive enough to put together a list of recycling services for everything from car batteries to cooking oil. The beauty of this directory is that most of the services included won't just break down your unwanted crap and turn it into landfill, they'll make something useful out of it or give it a second life.

So don't just dump those old mattresses in the bush, check out the BCC services directory (it's a PDF) and start minimising your waste!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Oblong way down

For the annual Oblong Christmas fun day this year we decided it was time to climb some vertical cliff faces.

The cliffs were at Kangaroo Point and the day was a hot one. Luckily for us we had a cool-headed Kiwi called Gareth or Garry or something like that with our lives in his weathered and muscular hands.

The trepidation we all felt as we stared up at the 30m cliffs was quickly forgotten as Gareth or Garry's calming tone settled our nerves. As he spoke, he used his muscular hands as visual aids, waving them about the air with gay abandon.

Anyway, here are some photos...

We are live!

www WHAT?

Oblong's new website is finally live?!

It's time to journey through gravity defying Flamingo Neapolitan ice-cream as you make your way to the land of Obpong to the tune of Greensleeves!

Be spoilt for choice as you lose yourself in the rudest collection of vinyl seen since your Grandma's kitchen floor!

Be amazed as our capabilities statement suddenly transforms into a bland collection of marketing lingo at the click of a button!

And check out all of our great design work too if you can be bothered...