Friday, March 12, 2010

Flockin' brilliant!

Infamous British chef Gordon Ramsay recently expanded his vast restaurant empire to include the unofficial food capital of Australia, Melbourne. Maze opened in February 2010 and we were pleasantly surprised to find out that the eatery has a little bit of Oblong inside.

One of our clients, Black Sheep Coffee, who we did all of the branding and naming for was personally chosen by Chef Ramsay to be the official coffee for Maze. Apparently Gordon liked the different packaging. He was quoted as saying, "That packaging is F*CKING amazing!" *

This latest honour for Black Sheep will go nicely with the BAD Award the design won at the end of last year! Oh and the coffee tastes pretty nice too. Keep your eyes peeled for a Black Sheep website (the temporary one is at and make sure you grab a cup from the Black Sheep Coffee stall at the Rocklea Markets every Saturday.

The power of good design wins again!

*Not entirely accurate. He probably said something to that effect though, or 'bollocks'.