Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Twitter - the future is now

A little birdy once told us that the Internet was a useful medium for marketing and spreading the good word of Oblong right before it pooped on our bromide camera and flew away.

This bird was a twitter bird and prejudiced against the more traditional and proven forms of marketing we’ve successfully been employing at Oblong + Sons since 1881 such as telegrams and horse-drawn loudspeaker sulkies. Well, thanks to the Twitter bird we have realised the benefits of the Internet and more specifically, Twitter. The future really is here.

Click here for our Twitter page!

Twitter is great, we are on it and you can follow us as we discover more technological wonders like shortwave radio frequencies and dynamo lights. Moreover, be the first to know everything that is happening in Oblongland including things which inspire us, make us laugh, or make us cry. See you in the future, we're already here and it is exactly like this…

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